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The Recollection, the Memory and the Brain
Since 1993 I have been working on the project 'The Recollection, the Memory and the Brain'.
In this project I am trying to find answers through medical and interdisciplinary research for the questions that occupy my mind. Questions such as the meaning, working, alteration and future criss-cross my mind between the different subjects of the title of my project.
I have always been very aware of the presence of my brain and the research is engaged in the direction of science, without being scientific.
My own brain forms the material and gives direction to the research. Besides using my brain for thinking I have been examined through scanning, radiation, audio and electrical measuring techniques. This neurological information combined with data taken from other sciences and art disciplines form the reservoir for my work.
Works have been exhibited in The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.
Bronze Brains with lightbox
MRI projection
BSE Movieclip
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